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Ruou Nhap Khau
We sell aluminum bags or metallized bags
Poches bag-in-box

The company

Since 1976, professionalism, quality and service characterize our provider spanning over 30 years. His Installations measuring over 3000m2, technical equipment, advanced production processes and a team of professionals make sure their products to reach with the quality and conditions we require. Theirs long years of experience in design, manufacturing and marketing have enabled them to receive ISO 9001/2000 certification.

The basis for the development of the products is the bid for quality and technological innovation. This is why he has what are called "clean rooms" - totally aseptic installations free from all elements that might alter the premium quality of the products or theirs contains. These installations enable to enhance the product specialization levels, and provide even more added value by ensuring that the materials are ecologically sound and respectful with the environment.

Poches aluminium production Vente poches Bag-in-box

The quality commitment in relation to all products means that each and every item undergoes a rigorous quality and efficiency test, carried out during different phases of production so as to ensure resistance, anti-leakage and sealing quality, with the support of exclusive quality controls before, during and after each production process.

Poches qualité Poches suivi Poches controle

Poches laboratoire

The different products
Our supplier design, manufacture and market a wide range of BIB containers for liquids and fluids in diverse sizes and materials. The range of products is as extensive as the possible applications these products may have, with sizes from 2 up to 30 liters. They come in two different materials: metalized and EVOH, making them the ideal product for all kinds of liquid foods and beverages: wine, juices, concentrates, dairy products, oils, etc.

Poches La gamme

The product design, in comparison with other types of containers, provides good storage space savings and facilitates transport and handling. They also have a wide range of taps, caps and dispensers that complement our range of dispensing fitments and connectors.

Poches Robinet Poches suivi Bag-in-Box Bag-in-Box

Poches qualité Poches suivi Poches controle

Ruou Nhap Khau


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