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ruou vang Phap

Ruou Nhap Khau
Our bag-in-boxes of vodka

Vodka Trivinska is produce in vietnam and exist in 2 different models, the red box (29%)and the blue box (39%).

Vodka TrivinskA is a good quality brand, offering great value for money and for sure will be one of the leaders in the Vietnamese vodka market.

It is a triple distilled, charcoal filtered spirit and has a clean natural flavour.

Can you accept this new contemporary packaging?

Vodka TrivinskA is excellent straight and also a great mixer for cocktails.

Enjoy yourself and for yours friends ! Please don't forget to drink with moderation!

VodkA TrivinskA VodkA TrivinskA
Ruou Nhap Khau


Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health, take care to consume and enjoy it in moderation.
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