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Ruou Nhap Khau
Our team
Organization chart of Trivin SA:
Management Team
Rayssac Jean Alain
Position : Director
Nationality : French
Born October 30, 1969
Degree: Master Logistic, Economy and Management Network
Skills: Product Design, speaks 3 languages: French, English and Vietnamese.
Email :
Telephone : 04.2.2193004
Skype : Rayssac_ja
Ja Rayssac
Trần Giang Thủy
Position : Vice Director
Nationality : Vietnamese
born 29 juillet 1978
Degree : Master of Accounting
Skills: Accounting and responsible of the conduct of business.
Email :
Telephone : 04.2.2117994
Skype : Giang.thuy1978
Ms Thuy
The team
Mai Hồng Nhung
Position: Chief Accountant
Nationality: Vietnamese
Born November 02, 1984
Degree : BA in Accounting
Skills: Accounting.
Email :
Telephone: 04.3.7325274
Skype : trivinsa
Mrs Nhung
Phan Văn Vụ
Position : Production Manager
Nationality : Vietnamese
Born April 12, 1982
Degree : Engineer
Skills: Head of production department.
Email :
Telephone : 04.3.6788939
Skype : vu.trivinsa
Mr Vu
Nguyễn Thị Thoa
Position: Accountant - Receptionist
Nationality: Vietnamese
Born September 24, 1985
Degree: BA in Accounting
Skills: assesmentt and invoicing.
Telephone: 04.3.5122621
Skype : hoatrivin-sa
Mrs Thoa
Mộng Huyền Trang
Position: Executive Secretary
Nationality: Vietnamese
born juny 15, 1987
Degree: BA in office administration
Skills: reception and secretariat.
Email :
Telephone: 04.3.7325274
Skype : trivin.sa
Mrs Trang
Nguyễn Văn Hẹn
Position: Salesman
Nationality: Vietnamese
born November 20, 1985
Degree: PTTH
Skills: Senior Customer
Telephone: 04.3.5122621 -0918120403
Skype : hen.trivinsa
Mr Hen
Ruou Nhap Khau


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